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Roger Davidson

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I tell you, I wouldn't even review this film if it wasn't considered such an acclaimed film by horror fans. Hey! I can't understand why either! This Italian made horror film rips off everything from Night of the Living Dead to The Evil Dead. A bunch of folks, you could care less about, are trapped in a movie theater, which has turned a good portion of the audience into blood-thirsty, long-toothed demons. So now, they must find some way to escape without getting killed or becoming one of the ghastly little buggers.

Enough said I think! Everything about this is miserable. It's the perfect BAD horror film though. No understandable plot, no character development, no logic and absolutely nothing interesting about it. I understand why gore fans would like it, but the violence is so repellent, that there is no real point to all of it. The camera work is the only thing really good about this bottom-of-the-barrel gore fest. Whatever they had the filmakers on during the making of this film, they should have cut the dosage a bit.

My Rating = One Star

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