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The Defiant Ones


Roger Davidson

The Defiant Ones
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An outstanding classic, that still holds up consistently through the decades. Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier star as a couple escaped convicts, one white and one black, who are trying to make a run for freedom in the deep south. Being shackled together doesn't help things any. After a series of close calls, in which both help each other out constantly, they soon gain a growing respect for one another and decide to head to freedom together.

One of the all-time great suspense-action pictures, with two top-draw performances by Poitier and Curtis, good support by Theodore Bikel as the sheriff in pursuit, an excellent story and many memorable scenes (the last scene is incredibly touching). This is a predecessor to some of the action-buddy flicks of recent years, though it's far superior in many ways to some of the high-budget, slick action fare of today.

My Rating = Four Stars

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