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Death Wish 2


Roger Davidson

Death Wish
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When I rented this video one night, I was very sorry for doing it. This is nowhere near as good as the first film. In the first one, Charles Bronson played a businessman-turned-vigilante quite convincingly. But, in the second one, it seems there is no point to his turning vigilante again. His daughter (who survived in the first film), is kidnapped, raped and killed by L.A. muggers, so he turns into a vigilante again and goes on a violent manhunt through the city of Los Angeles.

You will also regret seeing this and will be disappointed by it if you saw the first one and liked it. Bronson acts like a robot in a lot of his films, but at least he displayed some emotion in the first film. Here he's a robot all the way. Do yourself a favor and don't see it. You will have saved about four bucks.

My Rating = One Star

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