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Death Becomes Her


Roger Davidson

Death Becomes Her
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One of the most heavily panned films of 1992, this fountain-of-youth fantasy is much better than one imagines. A vain movie star (Meryl Streep), worried about aging more than about her useless life, is given a potion by a modern day witch doctor (Isabella Rosellini). The potion promises to keep Streep young and never age her one day older than she already is. Her milquetoast husband doesn't discover this until he attempts to kill her, being that he hates every moment of his life with her. But when Streep comes back with her head twisted all the way around, you can bet that he doesn't take this lightly.

A delightful black comedy, which is (pardon the old cliche) more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Streep proves once again that she can play anything, while Willis is strangely convincing as a wimp. Goldie Hawn has the most fun as the woman scorned by Streep and Willis. Her character is certainly different from anything she's ever done before. The Academy award winning effects are outstanding, as is the frantic pace set by director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future). The only thing wrong is that they could have done a little more with the screenplay. Take some huge jabs at Beverly Hills lifestyles, plastic surgery and so forth. But even if the screenwriters could do such things with it, they'd be heavily overshadowed by the superb effects. Still, you can't say that they didn't try.

My Rating = Three Stars

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