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Death Wish


Roger Davidson

Death Wish
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This is the granddaddy of Rambo and the Terminator. The film stars Charles Bronson as a businessman who turns vigilante when his wife is killed and his daughter raped. He hunts the streets of New York looking for muggers and rapists and shooting them on the spot.

This, altogether, isn't a bad movie for the action fans, but is not for the squeamish. There are graphic, hyperviolent scenes of rape and murder in here that might have a dramatic impact on people. This is not a great film but surely an interesting film which makes you think about vigilantism and the consequences. There is way to much violence in here that makes you think that New York is a horrible place to live. But, this city does not seem like the New York of 1974, but a futuristic violent world right out of an Anthony Burgess novel. Bronson does make a good transformation from a businessman to a vigilante.

My Rating = Three Stars

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