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Death and the Maiden


Roger Davidson

Death and the Maiden
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An extremely suspenseful mystery from one of the great masters of suspense- Roman Polanski. The film takes place in an unknown South American country, just after a nazi-like government has been deposed. Sigourney Weaver portrays one of the victims of the governments vicious torture tactics. She lives with her diplomat husband (Stuart Wilson) in a place similar to Tierra Del Fuego.

One night, a doctor (Ben Kingsley), who has driven Wilson home, spends the night there. However, Weaver thinks she recognizes him as the doctor who beat, raped and tortured her. But she was blindfolded at the time, so, she only has his voice and some of his traits to recognize him by. She decides to tie him up and see if she can get him to confess to his crimes. The doctor, however, could actually be innocent, which could jeopardize Weaver's and Wilson's careers and lives. Soon, it becomes a battle of wills between Weaver and Kingsley. Weaver wants him to confess. Kingsley just wants to get the hell out of there.

An very artistic piece of work. Suspenseful from beginning to end. You never quite know whether or not Kingsley is innocent or if he is truly guilty. One of the best mysteries to be filmed in a long time. The problem is that the film sticks too close to it's stage roots, which makes the scenery a little dull after awhile. The actors however give powerful performances. Kingsley, Weaver and Wilson play characters that you can't help feeling sympathy for. Weaver, for the horrible ordeal her character went through. Kingsley, for the horrible ordeal he's going through. And Wilson, who is finally learning the truth about what happened to Weaver, but still can't decide whether he should help Kingsley escape or help Weaver in her interrogation. If you see this in your local video stores- rent it! You'll thank yourself for it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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