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Dead Again


Roger Davidson

Dead Again
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A loving tribute to both Orson Welles and Alfred Hitchcock, Kenneth Branagh and then-wife Emma Thompson portray an American detective and a woman suffering from amnesia. They both try to uncover the secret of Thompson's past and learn this past might be connected in someway-through reincarnation-to a murder that happened almost forty years earlier.

A well-made film, that is entertaining and full of little surprises for film buffs. Branagh and Thompson have superb chemistry, and the supporting cast is fine too. Derek Jacobi (the chorus from Branagh's earlier Henry V) is delightfully creepy as the psychic, who helps connect the past for the couple. Robin Williams has a humorous cameo, as a special source for Branagh and Andy Garcia, and is quite charming in this extended cameo. This is definitely for lovers of film noir and the filmakers that brought them to the screen.

My Rating = Four Stars

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