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Dead Man Walking


Roger Davidson

Dead Man Walking
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This is most certainly one of the best films of 1995. Sean Penn stars as a convicted killer, who is waiting on Death Row for his time to come. Susan Sarandon plays Sister Helen Prejean (Prejean wrote the book on which this film is based), a nun who is called in as Penn's spiritual advisor, but get's much more involved than she had intended to. She befriends the convict, as well as the families of his victims. She is trying to help Penn come to terms with the facts of the killing, while, at the same time attempting to help the victims' families cope with their losses.

Simply outstanding! Sarandon earned a much deserved Oscar in her heartfelt portrayal, which could have been played as a stereotype by anyone else. But Penn was robbed of his award! His character is much more interesting and complex than Nicholas Cage's in Leaving Las Vegas. The story is neither pro nor anti death penalty. It shows both sides incredibly well. The filmakers make it so realistic, you'd feel like you were watching a documentary. This is certainly a must-see drama.

My Rating = Four Stars

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