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Dead Presidents


Roger Davidson

Dead Presidents
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The acclaimed Hughes Brothers' (Menace II Society) second feature is much more ambitious than their first film, in both story and storytelling techniques. Larenz Tate, highly memorable as O-Dog in M2S, plays a young black man who during the late 60's and early 70's, takes a journey from the South Bronx to the jungles of Vietnam and back again. When he returns from Nam, he finds his opportunities at home very slim. To earn money to support him and his poor family, he gathers his old army and street buddies, so they can pull off a major bank heist. But things go horribly wrong.

This story has been done countless times in crime dramas, but the razor-sharp editing, good performances by Tate and Keith David as his mentor, and some fast-paced action keep the story moving. The problems with the story tend to be the unrealistic actions of various characters within unrealistic situations. I suppose they're supposed to be surreal, but you never can tell.

My Rating = Three Stars

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