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Day of the Dead


Roger Davidson

Day of the Dead
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George Romero finishes up his Living Dead trilogy with a less than exciting entry. The story is basically the same. The dead have risen and a small band of humans, while having to deal with each other must also fight off these newly arrived ghoulish creatures. This time out, it's a group of scientists battling the army of the dead, coupled with a bunch of military machos, who have set up a fascistic settlement in an underground bunker.

Talk! Talk! Talk! A lot of shouting and no real action is pretty much what you get. The film is redeemed somewhat by the excellent make-up of Tom Savini and a pulse-pounding gory climax. One of the major problems is, unlike the other films, you don't get to know the human characters as well as you know the zombies. I guess if your just a gore fan, you'll like it okay. Romero has tried. I'll admit that, but he just can't seem to keep the life into his own dead (no puns intended) series.

My Rating = Two Stars

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