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The Day After


Roger Davidson

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One of the most controversial (and intensely grim) made-for-TV movies of all time, the story follows the events leading up to, during and after the atomic bombing of Lawrence, Kansas. It follows the various survivors, as they band together to face the inevitable effects of the fallout.

Though unendingly downbeat, this is remarkable in its realistic look at the results of a nuclear war. The performances are just as good, with Jason Robards as the doctor in charge of helping the survivors, Amy Madigan as an expectant mother-reluctant to have her baby in a nuclear ravaged country-and a once-in-a-blue-moon great performance by Steve Guttenberg, as a survivor who helps various others on his way to Lawrence. It benefits by not having political viewpoints (which would be unwanted in a film of this magnitude) and simply looks at the events from the people who have to experience them firsthand, and leaves behind a devastating impact on the viewer.

My Rating = Four Stars

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