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A Day at the Races


Roger Davidson

A Day at the Races
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This fast-paced follow-up to A Night at the Opera, has the brothers Marx invading a sanitarium, as they try to peddle Groucho off as a respected neurologist. In the meantime, Chico and Harpo are trying to save the business of a friend (Maureen O'Sullivan), by entering their horse at the race track. As a result of these situations, everything runs amok, as things tend to do in a Marx Brothers' film.

Once again, you'll find some truly memorable bits, especially from Groucho and Chico with their word games and double-talk. The film is hampered somewhat by some rather dull musical numbers, but the Brothers triumph over these minor problems and walk away with the film. This would be a great film to watch as a double-billing with A Night at the Opera.

My Rating = Four Stars

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