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Roger Davidson

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This is one of Raimi's better films. It is a comic book tale about a scientist (Liam Neeson), who is nearly killed by thugs and left for dead. He is horribly disfigured, but he wants to regain his former life and to get revenge on the bad guys, using the formula he was working on, a formula that can make new skin. However, it only lasts 99 minutes before it melts completely. L.A. Law's Larry Drake co-stars as the chief thug. He makes a formidable bad guy. The acting is quite good and the story keeps you on edge for quite awhile.

One problem. It's a bit on the corny side. You'll hear a lot of comic-book type talk, but you don't have to pay attention to it. Just pay attention to the action. As for the performances, Neeson makes a sympathetic hero, and Frances McDormand comes off well as Darkman's old girlfriend. Not the most special effects filled movie of Raimi's career, but it certainly has it's moments.

My Rating = Three Stars

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