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The Crush


Roger Davidson

Yet another one of those (fill-in-the-blank) from Hell movies. This one involves a young nymphet (Alicia Silverstone), who falls in love with an older successful businessman (Cary Elwes, who's seen better days) and she will stop at nothing to make him love her, etc., etc.

Need I say anymore? Well, the script, acting, directing and editing truly suck, as does Silverstone (Clueless). I've never thought much of her acting talents, I still don't and this film doesn't convince me otherwise. I'll spare you anymore of this bashing by saying that you can find much better things to do with your time. By the time you finish watching this film, throwing yourself off the Brooklyn Bridge will sound like a more entertaining way to spend a few hours. Who knows! You might swim to shore and get to enjoy some better movie tomorrow..

My Rating = One Star

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