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Roger Davidson

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A tribute to the old EC comics ("Tales From the Crypt", "The Vault of Horror", etc.), this film takes us through five horror tales, that live up to the expectations of EC fans. The first tale, "Father's Day", is about an old man, who comes back from the grave to claim his birthday cake. The second tale stars screenwriter Stephen King as a dopey farmer, who finds a meteorite, which starts to turn him into a plant. The final three tales are virtually tributes to EC. "Something to Tide You Over" is about a jealous husband, who buries his wife and her lover in the sand, up to their necks and waits for the tide to come in. But, like most bad guys in EC, the two lovers come back and the bad guy gets his just deserts. The best story is "The Crate", about a huge box that harbors a hairy monster, who kills anybody that comes near the crate. Funny and scary at the same time, it's a story that would have made William Gaines proud.

The fifth, and final story, tells the tale of a greedy, Howard Hughes-like millionaire (E.G. Marshall), who is a clean freak and is horribly afraid of germs and insects. Ironically, his house is overrun by cockroaches, which crawl all over the place. The final scene shows Marshall, dead, with thousands of roaches, bursting out of his body. Creepshow is a, for lack of a better word, loving tribute and certainly lives up to it's title. I always found it funny that the initials for EC was "Educational Comics". Education indeed. Like never stick your hand into a crate, which is clearly labled "DANGER-DO NOT OPEN". That is the spirit of EC and Creepshow.

A sequel followed, but if you were a fan of the first film, you will be sadly disappointed with the second.

My Rating = Four Stars

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