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Copycat is one of a string of a 90's film noire genre. Sigourney Weaver stars as an expert on serial killers. She, herself, was attacked by a severely deranged killer (Harry Connick Jr.) and is now helping a homicide detective (Holly Hunter) try and find another deranged murderer. The title comes from the fact that the killer uses carbon copy techniques of various famed psychos. Such murderers as Son of Sam, the Boston Strangler and Ted Bundy are horribly copied by the demented copycat. However, so that the killer is made a little different, the copycat uses the internet as part of his murder weapon. You'll find out what I mean when you see it.

The script and the performances are excellent, though the suspense is sporadic at best. Also, Weaver and Hunter are great when they are acting away from each other, but when they come together, they have about as much chemistry as two rocks. As for Connick, well he isn't really convincing as a psycho. He's creepy. That's about it! Ironically, it's Connick who's the copycat in this film. He uses every movie serial killer cliche in the book. Still, the two stars are good. Just don't expect a sequel with Hunter's and Weaver's characters as buddies.

My Rating = Three Stars

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