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Cool World


Roger Davidson

Cool World
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This is the second bomb of the week. Cool World was thought to be Roger Rabbit with an edge. But it seems more like a seriously demented Ed Wood picture. It has pretty much the same story line. There is a world were cartoons and humans can interact with each other. One of these "Doodles", as they call themselves, wants to get out into the real world.

Only a human cartoonist (Gabriel Byrne) can get this doodle (Kim Basinger) out into the real world by having sex with each other, a illegal thing to do in Cool World. A detective (Brad Pitt of Interview with the Vampire) wants to put a stop to this before some bad thing happens to both worlds.

Cool World? Far from it. All these cartoons do is hit each other or try to kill one another, or just plain be mean and nasty. The lead characters are unlikable and have no redeeming qualities. The animation looks like it was drawn by a bunch of retarded blind-morons and the interacting between live actors and cartoons are terrible. Like, when a live actor puts his or her arm around a cartoon, it looks like he or she is cradling thin air. This is an all around bad movie.

My Rating = One Star

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