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The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover


Roger Davidson

The Cook, The Thief...
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This film was more controversial than the former film. The story takes place mostly at a restaurant, where a brutal thief (Michael Gambon) and his gang hang out. Included in the group is the thief's shy, but pretty, wife (Helen Mirren) who wants to get away from her boorish and violent husband. The only person who stands up to him is the head cook (Richard Bohringer), who will take anything Gambon can dish out. The lover of the title (Alan Howard) is a quiet bookworm type, who seduces Mirren quietly and passionately. In the mean time, Gambon does some pretty brutal stuff to people in and around the restaurant (Some of which might be too brutal to even mention).

Everything about this film is fantastic, including the black humor scattered around the film. This is for people who have strong stomachs, because certain scenes are incredibly graphic in detail. The film goes along, making you think that it possibly couldn't get any more disgusting. Then comes the ending! The most interesting and disgusting film I have ever seen. In other words, my type of movie.

My Rating = Four Stars

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