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Roger Davidson

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Based on author Michael Crichton's novel, this action-packed film is no "Indiana Jones", but seems to have the soul of the "Jones" films. The story revolves around an expedition to find a another expedition which was lost in the jungle of the Congo. The action and special effects are very cool and exciting, but the acting is not so smooth. There are three major problems of this film. The first is the Gorillas of the film. I had heard that the new gorilla masks were able to fool someone standing ten feet from the actor's in suits. To be honest with you, I couldn't see how they could fool anyone from a hundred feet, let alone ten.

The second is the acting in the film is full of the typical stereotypes. Tim Curry, who is usually better in other films, probably comes out the worst. He plays a Romanian interested in finding an ancient city. Curry's accent is the worst and even if it's just a gag accent, it's very stereotypical and an insult to anybody of Romanian birth. The third problem in this is that awful swelling music during dramatic scenes. Enough already!!! The best performance in the cast is Ernie Hudson ("Ghostbusters" and "The Crow") as the expert hunter. He actually makes something of his performance, which would have been a complete disaster with anyone else. The action, Hudson's performance and possibly the "performance" by a "gorilla" named Amy.

This is probably not sticking to the original story, but the three above mentioned things keep this from being a bad film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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