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Roger Davidson

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Now here is a piece of shit! A complete waste of time and money! Tommy Lee Jones protrays the first great baseball star as a sexist, racist and unlovable drunkard. Robert Wuhl is Al Stump, the sportswriter hired to write about Cobb's life. Stump's time with Cobb becomes a humiliating nightmare. After awhile, Stump begins to wonder whether he should keep his mouth shut about Cobb's private habits or tell the world the truth about baseball's greatest player.

Soon the audience starts to ask, "Who cares"? By the time the film is over, you feel no sympathy for Cobb. You feel that Wuhl's character was idiotic for not telling the truth about Cobb. The movie just makes you feel empty. Jone's performance is strong, but not strong enough to make you forget the weak screenplay and the unsympathetic characters.

My Rating = One Star

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