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Roger Davidson

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This movie truly deserves its title. Everything about this film, from the dialogue to the story, the characters, plus the direction is completely moronic. Once again, director Amy Heckerling returns to the teenage field of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and once again she comes up with dumb and unlikable people. The plot (based on Jane Austen's Emma) revolves around young Cher (Alicia Silverstone), a stuck-up, airhead know-it-all, who criticizes everybody, just because they're different then her.

Oh, she's convincing all right. So convincing, that before the first ten minutes were over, I had absolutely no sympathy for her and her life. There are only two things in this movie that keep me from giving this a BOMB rating. One, the last twenty minutes of the movie, where Silverstone actually grows into someone with sympathy for other people. And two, Paul Rudd as Silverstone's stepbrother who, ironically after several disastrous relationships, turns out to be the one she loves. Kudos to you Paul. But those reasons alone don't make me want to watch the film twice.

My Rating = Two Stars

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