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A Close Shave


Roger Davidson

Normally I don't review short films, but this one was too good to pass up. Most of America has never heard of Wallace and Gromit, but in England, they are outstandingly big. Mickey Mouse big! Wallace is an absent-minded inventor, who survives in the everyday world with the help of his, obviously smarter-than-himself, dog Gromit. They've had quite a few series of wild adventures. Here, they go up against a dangerous sheep rustler, who has his eye set on destroying Gromit.

Imaginative, witty and very well animated, this Oscar-winning short subject from Nick Parks, will probably make Wallace and Gromit just as big as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny or Yogi Bear, here in America. You should probably also see the earlier Oscar-winning short, The Wrong Trousers, the first film to introduce us to this animated odd couple.

My Rating = Four Stars

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