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Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Roger Davidson

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
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An excellent sci-fi tale from Steven Spielberg, about man's first contact with alien beings. Among the various people who witness this special occasion are Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss), an everyman who becomes obsessed in his quest to find a meaning to all this. Melinda Dillon is a mother, whose infant son is taken by aliens. She too goes in search of meaning, as well as a way to get her son back. And Teri Garr costars as Dreyfuss' wife, who is extremely skeptical about her husband's "close encounters" and is doubting his sanity as well.

A spellbinding tale if their ever was one, this captures the awe one might have of coming in contact with creatures from another world. Dreyfuss, Dillon, Garr and Francois Truffaut as a top scientist, make their characters seem believable and Spielberg again handles everything in his usual flawless way. The best parts involve the special effects and a heartwarming climax involving the communication between species through harmonious synthesizers. John Williams-who scores most of Spielberg's work, offers another fine piece of music, that will surely become classic in years to come. For those of you who are interested, there is also a Special Edition of the film, which adds more depth to Dreyfuss' character and takes us inside the alien spacecraft.

My Rating = Four Stars

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