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Roger Davidson

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Spike Lee has really outdone himself this time. In Clockers, his style of filmaking is completely different from anything he's done in the past. His characters, language, cinematography and his direction are all great. The story is an Urban tale of the murder of a drug dealer and the effect it has on the community. It especially effects two brothers (Isaiah Washington and Mekhi Pfeiffer), who are almost like Cain and Abel. Washington is the hard-working, older brother, who confesses to killing the drug dealer. But a veteran cop (Harvey Keitel), who has seen practically everything in the city, thinks that it's obviously Washington's tougher, younger brother Pfeiffer.

Keitel also believes it was on the orders of the local drug Czar (Delroy Lindo), who has become a sort of father figure to Pfeiffer. In the mean time, everybody is going against Pfeiffer. The cops, fellow gang members, the much wiser members of the community, etc. The ultimate irony is that Keitel seems to be the only one who can save him from death.

A compelling drama about the good, the bad, and the ugliness of street life, shown from both the cops and the criminals point of view. Plenty of powerhouse performances from the likes of Keitel, Lindo, Washington and most especially Pfeiffer. The cinematography is both rapid and leisurely, and the quick editing is dynamite. I think if Lee ever had a masterpiece to date, it's this one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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