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Certainly one of the better of the Grisham adaptations reviewed this week, another conspiracy is at hand in America, and it involves the whereabouts of the body of a state senator. When the accused mob hitman's lawyer goes out to the Bayou country to kill himself, he tells his secret to a 12-year old boy (Brad Renfro from Sleepers). Afterwards, when the lawyer indeed blows his brains out, Renfro is pressured by a high-powered Washington attorney (Tommy Lee Jones) to confess his secret. However, the hitman (Anthony LaPaglia) and his goons want to make absolutely sure that nothing comes out of the kid's mouth. The only person that Renfro can trust and confide in about this mess, is strong-willed and minded attorney, Reggie Love (Outstanding performance by Susan Sarandon!).

A one of a kind film, that outdoes the first two Grisham films with excellent performances (Sarandon, Jones, LaPaglia), an outstanding debut for young Renfro and some very fine (and at times humorous) dialogue. The film will appeal to a wider audience than the earlier adaptations, because it isn't full of the usual heavy-handed lawyer lingo and it is chock full of characters that you can relate to more than the other Grisham renderings. I must say that Sarandon should have won the Oscar for this one, instead of Jessica Lange in the far-fetched soap opera, Blue Sky.

My Rating = Four Stars

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