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Roger Davidson

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One of the more interesting indie hits to come out in recent years, this black comedy follows the day in the life of a convenience store clerk (Brian O'Halloran) and his best friend, a video store clerk (Jeff Anderson) from across the way. The day they have is no ordinary day however. The people that come into their stores are loony enough to drive anyone nuts. But the insanity isn't limited to the stores: Heavens no! Anderson and O'Halloran close their shop to play a hockey game on the roof of one of the stores, and in the process of doing so disrupt a wake. They also trade their own philosophies on jobs, girlfriends, death and yes, the annoying customers.

An impressive debut for Kevin Smith (who appears in the film as cult character, Silent Bob). It also features some hilarious work from O'Halloran and especially Anderson. Among the faults are that some of the actors can't act. The examples include how some all too obviously slip on their lines, and how some act as if they were in a coma. But on the whole, the script is pretty clever and actors are good enough to get the humor across.

My Rating = Three Stars

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