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City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold


Roger Davidson

City Slickers II: The Legend of Cur
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REHASH, REHASH, REHASH!!! Can't Hollywood at least attempt to make a sequel as good or better than the original. Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern return to their original roles, joined by Jon Lovitz as Crystal's obnoxious brother. The three find a treasure map belonging to Curly (Jack Palance) that supposedly leads to gold way out in the Nevada desert. Soon, Curly's long, lost twin brother (Palance again) finds them and joins them in the hunt for the gold.

The movie tries to be a send-up of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, but the jokes and the story become stale and fall flat. Do you think the writers could think of a more unoriginal plot, than sending Crystal and company on a gold hunt and bringing Palance back as his original character's twin brother?!! Let's just hope they bury this film in the Sierra Madre.

My Rating = One Star

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