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City of Hope


Roger Davidson

City of Hope
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Once again, John Sayles brings us an intense drama, about the various people in a fictional New Jersey city. It introduces us to over thirty characters, from political bigwigs to a lonely street crazy. The film has many assorted interconnecting stories, but the main one involves young Nick (Vincent Spano), who is fed up with his father and his father's criminal connections. However, Spano is in a bit of trouble with the local loan shark (another memorable performance by Sayles), who is planning on turning him in on a robbery charge. Sayles had organized the heist and is now attempting to save his skin by turning Spano into the cops. Another story deals with a clean-cut black city councilman (Joe Morton), attempting to calm the racial tensions among the black and white residents of the urban projects.

Highly ambitious and extremely well-acted, Sayles is amazing when it comes to making original and intelligent stories. This movie is not full of the usual cliches you'd find in most city street films. The actors play their parts with such realism, it seems you're watching a documentary instead of a dramatization of city life!

My Rating = Four Stars

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