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A Chorus Line


Roger Davidson

A Chorus Line
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Well isn't this a nice idea. Make a film out of something that is so obviously unfilmable. Based on the long-running Broadway show, the story (such as it is) follows a group of young men and women, auditioning for a dance revue. However, this is no ordinary audition. The director of the show (Michael Douglas, hopelessly miscast) wishes for the small group to bare their souls to them. All the private details! Omit nothing!!

That's the story plain and simple. Oh, there are quite a few scenes of dancing and singing, but nothing that wouldn't drive you crazy after listening to them for 24 hours non-stop!!! The films dance routines are okay, but it's mainly the story that leaves something to be desired. Dull, lifeless performances don't help much either. I'm sorry to say that I've never really been much of a fan of the stage show, and this movie sure doesn't change my viewpoint one bit.

My Rating = Two Stars

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