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Child's Play


Roger Davidson

Child's Play
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Child's Play is probably the last of the good "slasher" horror films. The story revolves around a doll named Chucky (Voiced by Brad Dourif) who is possessed by the soul of a serial killer. The only way out of the body is through a six year old boy (Alex Vincent), who is the only one who knows he is alive. The film is very imaginative and there are some great puppet effects bringing the doll to life. There is plenty of hair raising moments that could scare you into next week. However, the idea of killer dolls had actually been done before in such films as "Attack of the Puppet People," though you can find much more suspense in this film than any other killer toy movie (I suggest not to rent some of those cheap imitations like the "Puppet Master" series).

There is, of course, a lack of good acting except for Alex Vincent, who could've had an okay career on his hands if he just went on doing it. Though you may think this is just another lame hack-and-slash movie, it's much more interesting than, say, Friday the 13th, and with fewer deaths (There are only three people killed in the entire movie).

My Rating = Three Stars

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