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Roger Davidson

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An embarrassingly bad rip-off of the much better The Last Detail, the film follows two navy officers, one a young recruit (William McNamara) and the other, a gruff senior officer (Tom Berenger, who has seen much better roles), when they are assigned to escort an army prisoner to appointed prison. However, the prisoner turns out to be (oh darn!) a woman (Beverly Hillbillies Erika Eleniak). She spends the whole movie trying to escape these two, but keeps meeting up with strange characters (including director-actor Dennis Hopper, as a perverted underwear salesman), who makes it seem safer being with the two officers.

The film is said to be a comedy, but there are very few laughs. Berenger and McNamara try and pull off Laurel and Hardy, but are nowhere near as good as those two (and Laurel and Hardy were unique in their own strange way). Adding to this miserable comedy are a lot of bad sexist jokes (both ways) and too many weird characters from the Hopper department. Basically, all I want to say is rent The Last Detail if you want better actors and better humor.

My Rating = One Star

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