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Change of Habit


Roger Davidson

Change of Habit
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Elvis "The King" Presley's last feature film as an actor doesn't allow him to bow out with dignity. Heck, Manson was retired with more dignity than Elvis is here. It's not that Presley himself is bad. He still has a interesting screen presence (the thing that drew such huge crowds to his movies), but the story that goes along with this is even more hokey and unbelievable than most of his previous pictures. Mary Tyler Moore plays a nun, who must choose between the handsome Doctor Presley (?!) and her church.

I can understand why Presley wanted to retire from films after this one. Throughout the movie, he seems embarrassed at his performance and Moore looks like she wishes she were in any other film but this particular one, with the exception being her scenes with Elvis, of course. The songs ("Rubberneckin'" and the title song) are annoying and just add insult to injury in Presley's dreadful final years as a rock star. Even dedicated Presley fans wouldn't put this in their top 100, let alone in their top five.

My Rating = Two Stars

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