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Casualties of War


Roger Davidson

Casualties of War
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A brutal Vietnam war story, based (horrible to say) on an actual event. It follows a small patrol, led by an absolutely insane soldier (Sean Penn), and the pain and misery these men inflict upon a Vietnamese girl (Thuy Thu Le). Michael J. Fox gives one of his few dramatic performances as the voice of reason, in a world full of insanity. Penn and Fox frequently clash with each other, and it comes to a head with the horrid treatment of Le by Penn and crew.

I was extremely divided on this one. I thought the performances (especially Penn and Le's) and the dialogue were excellent. But then again, director Brian De Palma decides to stuff the anti-war message down our throats, with overly excessive scenes of violence and brutality. The scenes involving the rape of Le, make this an extremely uncomfortable experience to watch all the way through. I figure if you have the stomach for this, and can deflect De Palma's attempts to hammer his message into you, go right ahead and watch it.

My Rating = Two Stars

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