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Roger Davidson

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Scorsese's most recent film, this epic tells the story of a casino boss (Robert De Niro) and the underworld of Las Vegas. De Niro's lifestyle is occasionally interrupted by the violent acts of his childhood buddy (Joe Pesci), who has become the mafia boss of Vegas. Besides this major problem, De Niro also has to deal with his coke-fiend wife (Sharon Stone), who is going down a long road to hell and dragging her husband with her.

Great direction, good setting, a surprisingly impressive performance from Stone and the always good teaming of De Niro and Pesci, keep this three-hour tale interesting. A couple of major quips. The film is way too long. Considering the brutal subject matter, it should have wrapped up a lot sooner. The other thing is that there are too many similarities with another Scorsese film, Goodfellas. Take Pesci's character for instance. As the short-tempered mob boss, he's no different than the short-tempered hit man in the other film. Still, Pesci is so good in this type of role, I didn't really care too much. It's still worth going to see for De Niro, Pesci and especially Stone's performances. The camera work is excellent.

My Rating = Three Stars

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