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Roger Davidson

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The best of the Stephen King adaptations (save for "Shawshank Redemption"), the story is about a bullied teenage girl (Sissy Spacek, in the role that made her a star), who uses her telekinetic powers to get revenge on the people that torture her with vicious practical jokes. The reason this is so good is Spacek's performance. Even though she was 27 at the time, she captures a shy teenage girl quit nicely. She also undergoes an amazing transformation at the prom night climax. Speaking of which, that is the most horrifying moment in the entire movie.

Brian De Palma's first major film, he captured the terror the book gave. The supporting cast is quite capable of being visible throughout the film, and are not outshined by Spacek. Amy Irving plays one of the girls who bullied Carrie, but feels guilty afterward and decides to have her boyfriend go out with Carrie. Nancy Allen is especially nasty as the head of all the teasing and cruelty. Piper Laurie is the best of them all, playing Carrie's religious fanatic mother. I don't want to spoil any of the good parts, but this horror film is right up there with The Exorcist and Jaws.

My Rating = Four Star

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