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Cape Fear


Roger Davidson

Cape Fear
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Martin Scorsese takes a crack at the horror genre, with this remake of the 1962 thriller classic. Robert De Niro adds another memorable character to his resume as ex-convict Max Cady, a man who wants revenge against his defense lawyer (Nick Nolte) for withholding evidence that would have gotten De Niro off in a sexual assault case. The thing is De Niro's revenge plan is a lot more carefully laid out than most killers. He attacks Nolte through his friends and family, preferably his brooding wife (Jessica Lange) and his teenage daughter (Juliette Lewis, in a dynamically seductive performance).

A Hollywood thriller that's full of more shocking moments than usual, with A-plus performances by De Niro, Nolte (playing a character that's much more flawed then in the original picture), Lange, Lewis and Joe Don Baker as a sleazy detective attempting to intimidate De Niro. Big mistake! De Niro has played psychos before, but usually ones that have hair-trigger tempers and go off their nut once too often. His performance as Cady is cool, calm, calculating and chillingly cold-blooded. The problems with the film occur during the last half hour which, although visually spectacular, turns into another gory slasher film climax. But don't let it get you down. Most of the film is out of sight.

My Rating = Three Stars

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