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The Cable Guy


Roger Davidson

Cable Guy, The
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Well, star Jim Carrey and director Ben Stiller (Reality Bites) promised us a much darker formula for Carrey's cometic talents. It's darker all right, but not much funnier and becoming pretty much the same old same old Carrey-style stuff. Carrey portrays a psychopathic cable installer (a character Carrey was paid $20 million to play), who just wants a friend. He believes he's found it in the form of nebbish Matthew Broderick, for whom Carrey has just installed free cable. Carrey becomes an annoying pest and when Broderick asks him to please leave him alone, the Cable Guy turns REALLY nasty.

As I said once in an old review, the "Jim Carrey formula" has just begun to wear thin. Plus, I never thought much of Stiller's cometic or directorial talents either. The plot is about as thin as any Jim Carrey film I've ever seen. He does have a couple of funny bits, but you have to wait a LOOONNNGGGG time for them to come around. You may even have left the theater by then or perhaps fallen asleep. Broderick, who's comedy is usually so restrained, cannot step out of the gigantic shadow of Carrey's physical comedy. The thing I liked least about this film is the dark aspects of it all. Instead of becoming a hysterical black comedy, it becomes a sadistic and then a repulsive black comedy. Are you having fun yet?! I didn't think so.

My Rating = Two Stars

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