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Bye Bye Love


Roger Davidson

Bye Bye Love
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I hope the writers and actors were paid well for this debacle. Matthew Modine, Paul Reiser and Randy Quaid play three single fathers, trying to adjust to life after marriage and to re-entering the modern day dating game. The movie could have been MUCH better than it turned out to be. It plays more like a sitcom, with all the cliches of sitcom family life. The performers try their best, but they can't breath much life into this boring "comedy".

The funniest performances come from Quaid, as the most agitated of the three fathers and Janeane Garafolo in a small role as Quaid's blind date from hell. There is no major reason for why you should see this. However, it's probably going down in history as the biggest advertiser for McDonalds ever!

My Rating = Two Stars

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