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Bullets Over Broadway


Roger Davidson

Bullets Over Broadway
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One of Allen's most recent works, it also seems to be the most un-Allen like film of his entire career. It involves a Broadway playwright (John Cusack), who gets funding from the mob to help him get his next work off the ground. Among the cast and crew Cusack has hired, there's Dianne Wiest (her Academy-award winning performance), as a Gloria Swanson type has-been, stage actress. Jennifer Tilly, as an annoying mob moll, assigned to a part clearly meant for someone better. Probably the most interesting performance in the film is Chazz Palminteri as a gangster, hit-man, originally sent to watch over Tilly, but who then becomes the man who saves Cusack's play from becoming a complete failure.

This is the most ultra-original of movies Allen has done. He introduces characters you'd never find in any other Allen film (such as Palminteri's cold killer). The actors go all out in their roles, most especially Wiest, whose character portrayal is unlike any characterization we've seen her do in previous movies. You'll see what I mean, and more, when you rent this one.

My Rating = Four Stars

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