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The Brother from Another Planet


Roger Davidson

The Brother from Another Planet
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This sci-fi film has become somewhat of a cult classic. It follows the adventures of a black alien (outstanding performance by Joe Morton), who visits the streets of New York and gets into all types of misadventures. However, he's amazingly likeable and none of the people he meets seem to hold anything against him. He's a lot like Chance from Being There (or for that matter, Edward Scissorhands).

Though filmed on a shoestring budget, this is certainly an ingenious mix of science fiction and social message. Morton is no less than outstanding, and director John Sayles has a funny part as one of Morton's outer-space hunters. The script is both humorous and poignant, and the supporting characters are perfect for the inner-city setting. Many kudos to Sayles for making a great film, and Morton for an amazing silent performance.

My Rating = Four Stars

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