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Broken Arrow


Roger Davidson

Broken Arrow
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Director John Woo's second American action effort, this involves a battle of wills and muscle between a young air force pilot (Christian Slater) and his treacherous superior (John Travolta), over two armed nuclear bombs. Assisting Slater in his mission to snatch the two weapons out of Travolta's hands is a spunky park ranger (Samantha Mathis), who helps him make his way across the Utah desert. Along the way, Slater and Mathis must dodge the attempts by baddie Travolta to thwart them in their pursuit.

A fine showcase for Slater and Travolta, whose acting helps you through this rather standard action picture. Don't get me wrong, the action sequences by Woo are good, but nothing amazingly new. But that doesn't mean you can't have a good time watching this. It just mean's that you shouldn't expect anything original and unique.

My Rating = Three Stars

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