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The Bridges of Madison County


Roger Davidson

Bridges of Madison County, The
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One of the best romances of all time, Clint Eastwood directed this fine adaptation of the popular novel. Meryl Streep stars as Francesca, a Italian midwestern housewife, who in 1965, has an extramarital fling with a photographer from National Geographic (Eastwood) during his visit to the rural Madison County.

A beautiful movie which does for middle aged adults what Say Anything did for young adults. Streep is always good, and this is no exception with a convincing portrayal of the bored midwesterner. Eastwood offers a nice change of pace as the sympathetic and kindly photographer, who steals the heart of Streep. One minor complaint! The film is overlong by about twenty minutes, so I don't recommend this to people who don't have the patience for long films. However, for those of you who do have the time and the patience, this is something to sit down and watch with your loved ones.

My Rating = Four Stars

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