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Roger Davidson

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By far Terry Gilliam's greatest filmwork to date, he introduces us to a visually stunning, totalitarian government that looks like something right out of 1984. Like the George Orwell classic, it deals with a pair of lovers' attempts to escape from this oppressive fascist system. Jonathan Pryce is excellent as the milquetoast worker, who is becoming increasingly disillusioned with his mundane life, and dreams of more exciting adventures. He gets them, when he meets up with his dream girl (Kim Griest) and a slightly looney rebel (Robert De Niro).

A one of a kind motion picture, with a dazzling view of the future, great performances by Pryce, Griest, De Niro and Katherine Helmond is Pryce's mother: The ultimate plastic surgery experiment. You can put this on the list of films to look for on a rainy day.

My Rating = Four Stars

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