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Roger Davidson

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This year's winner for best picture of 1995, the story of the Scottish revolt against the British really deserves that award. Mel Gibson stars as William Wallace, the Scottish peasant who lead the revolt, because of the killing of his wife, and the slaughtering of his people. The massive revolt seems to succeed for awhile, until the Scottish noblemen that had promised to help Wallace betray him and abandon his army, just when they need them the most.

Gibson's directing and acting are superb, as is the screenplay by Randall Wallace and the beautiful Oscar-winning cinematography. It's also helped by spectacular battle scenes and a strong supporting cast. Among them, Angus McFayden as Robert the Bruce, the sometime foe of Wallace, Sophie Marceau as the french princess who falls in love with Wallace, and most especially Patrick McGoohan as the diabolical King Edward. All these elements make up for what should truly be the best picture of 1995.

My Rating = Four Stars

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