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The Brady Bunch Movie


Roger Davidson

Brady Bunch Movie, The
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Of all the god-forsaken TV shows to make into a movie, why did they have to make this? The so-called plot of the movie involves the sickeningly sweet family from the 70's, who now live in the turbulent 90's. In the beginning, it seems like it's going to be a send-up of the idiotic TV show, but then the plot becomes just like one of the episodes from that trite sitcom.

I'll admit, Gary Cole, Shelley Long and the rest are an uncanny recreation of the 70's family. To a FAULT!!! The idea of having the Brady's try and succeed in the modern day world is about as funny as watching a kid burn up ants with a magnifying glass. Please Hollywood, I'm begging you. No more movies made from moronic, no-brainer TV shows.

My Rating = One Star

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