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Boys on the Side


Roger Davidson

Boys on the Side
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This movie is interesting to see, but is not worth seeing twice. I went into the theater expecting (from what the previews told me) this film to be a hysterical comedy, but I came out disappointed to find that it is a rather sad movie. Now, don't get me wrong. I like good tearjerkers and there were funny scenes in it, but not enough for the subject matter. The film is out a kind of road trip across America. The passengers are all women. The performances were good. Whoopi Goldberg is especially good as a lesbian rock singer showing more of her comedic stuff. Mary Louise-Parker plays a woman dying of aids. The real surprise of the film was Drew Barrymore in her first truly good performance as an adult. Frankly I thought she was finished after that bomb, "Bad Girls". Barrymore's part is a drug dealer's pregnant girlfriend who may or may not have killed her boyfriend. Drew actually has good lines this time and is finally shaking off the days of E.T. and Poison Ivy. These three share a trip from New York to Tucson, Arizona. It is a true feminist film in the style of "Thelma And Louise" and "Fried green tomatoes". Still it's a little bit preachy on subjects as abortion, drugs, lesbianism and aids. I'm not going to tell you the ending. All I can say is it is quite the cliche and some may not like it. But, the preachiness does not destroy three good performances by Goldberg, Parker and for the first time, Barrymore. My favorite scene in the film is between Goldberg and Parker, who is a total girl scout, when Parker is asked by Goldberg what she calls the sexual organs below the waist. I'm not going to tell you anymore about that scene except it's the most hilarious scene in the film. I'm not sure this movie is for every one's taste but it was a good film. The drama is, aside from the preachy scenes, actually good with kudos going to Goldberg and Parker.

My Rating = Three Stars

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