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Blue in the Face


Roger Davidson

Blue in the Face
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This is a true sleeper. It centers around a Brooklyn cigar shop, which is in danger of going under. The story takes a look at the two guys who run the shop (Harvey Keitel and Victor Argo) and the various people who wander in and out of their lives. It has a rather unique bunch of actors, who seem to all have one thing in common. They love Brooklyn! We watch and listen to their views on pop culture, Brooklyn and the way of life. Some of it is dull and immaterial, but most of it is insightful, fascinating and extremely funny.

Keitel proves that he does have comic talent. There are some very funny cameos by singer Lou Reed, Madonna, Roseanne, Michael J. Fox, Mira Sorvino and cult director Jim Jarmusch. It isn't completely perfect, mainly because of some occasional lulls in both dialogue and action. But mostly, it turns out to be an extremely fun feature.

My Rating = Three Stars

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