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Blue Velvet


Roger Davidson

Blue Velvet
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Many of you might have heard a lot of things about this film. Some have seen it as nothing other than sick and diseased. Others have said that it is a masterpiece. But no matter what you hear, no other film has divided or confounded critics more than this. The story seems to be a complete mystery as Lynch delves into the underworld of small town life. Kyle Maclachlan stars as an amateur sleuth, who investigates the hidden life of a singer (Isabella Rossellini) who's husband has been kidnapped by a sadistic criminal (Dennis Hopper).

I can't say if this is sick or a masterpiece. All I can say is that I think it's great film making, with some excellent technical features as well as a fantastic script and a world full of typical David Lynch weirdos. They include Rossellini in a stunning performance as the nightclub singer involved in the underworld, Dean Stockwell of Quantam Leap as a truly bizarre brothel owner and especially Hopper as probably one of the greatest and most evil villains in screen history. Pumping out sadistic punishments and cruel sleaze, this was the film that got him his comeback performance.

As for the film being just sick, I've got a few words for the people that think that. Of course it's sick! It's supposed to be sick, because it shows how awful being cruel and nasty can be. That's the beauty of it. Some might not agree about this but it does have a beauty about it in the form of Laura Dern as the voice of good in the world. Still, even if you don't think much of S&M, you must see this to see what all the controversy is all about. Then form your own ideas.

My Rating = Four Stars

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