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Blade Runner


Roger Davidson

Blade Runner
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One of the all time great sci-fi cult films, Harrison Ford stars as a blade runner (android killer/detective), who is sent to kill five invading "replicants" (androids) who have escaped the off-world colonies, and have landed back on Earth in rain-soaked LA, 2019. While hunting for them, he falls in love with one of the female replicants (Sean Young), which may cause some problems for him and his case along the way. We also meet the android's super-powerful leader Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), as he and his crew wreak havoc through the city, while searching for a way to expand their short life spans (4 years).

Beautiful production design and special effects, as well as gritty characters that seem to have come right out of a Raymond Chandler novel, make this exciting from beginning to end. Ford gives a good impression of a film noir detective, Young is quite impressive in one of her earliest roles and Hauer is no less than outstanding. This film has been shown in two major versions. One is director Ridley Scott's (Alien) cut of the film, released in 1992, which cuts the film noir narration of Ford's and has an altered ending, that was considered by Scott considerably bleaker than what audiences saw in 1982. Both versions are still quite good, and you can get an amazingly different feel from each of them.

My Rating = Four Stars

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