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Big Night


Roger Davidson

Big Night
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A recent independent hit, directed by actors Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott, this is a film that shows that there is an outstanding alternative to big-budget extravaganzas. Tucci and Tony Shaloumb play two Italian brothers, who own a restaurant on the edge of being closed down, for lack of funds. One of the reasons for their hard times, is because of the fancy restaurant just down the street. So, in hopes of getting good business, the brothers set up a lavish feast, full of the finest mouth-watering foods ever to be seen. Of course, things can go wrong with such a preparation, and do!

An excellent work of cinema, that is a feast for the eyes (literally and figuratively). Full of good humor, fun and excitement, this is truly a great film to watch. The subplots involving Tucci's two different lovers (Minnie Driver and Isabella Rossellini) and the restaurant boss from down the street (Ian Holm), provide some memorable moments. Everybody, including Tucci, Shaloumb, Driver, Rossellini, Holm and Scott (in a cameo appearance as a car salesman) give realistic and deeply fascinating performances. I think this is one movie you shouldn't pass up.

My Rating = Four Stars

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